Why Your Clothing Size Shouldn’t Matter

Growing up, I found it quite hard to accept the constant change in my clothing size(s). Sometimes I would go into a shop, and I would either be changing into Size 10's, or 12's. And for a 20-year-old Asian/Chinese, it isn't actually considered normal to be curvy, or one to be wearing larger clothing sizes - … Continue reading Why Your Clothing Size Shouldn’t Matter


(Part 1) 10 Helpful Relationship Tips

Frankly speaking, relationship tips can be found on any dating advice website, however there seemed to be no practical tips which really helped my relationship. ┬áNevertheless, as someone who has been in multiple relationships before (hence is quite informed with the consequences of one going sour), and is currently in one, I would like to … Continue reading (Part 1) 10 Helpful Relationship Tips