We Need to Stop Dwelling, and Start Achieving

Before I got to bed, I just wanted to say that I did some reflection on that 55% mark I got for my assignment (which you can read here). As you can probably guess, I was pretty guttered to have received such a crap mark in which I put all my time and effort in, BUT some things just can’t be helped can they?

And this is why, we as human beings need to stop dwelling, and start achieving!

I know it’s not easy to act on this, but the truth is, if we continue to dwell on things that can’t be fixed, then what’s the use, and what about the present? There is no end to an achievement if we dont stop believing in ourselves, and having faith that we can turn the impossible into the possible.

I realised that there was really no use on dwelling on that 55% mark – instead, I would like to improve that mark (for my upcoming exam) by revising and understanding the content more, because that is probably where I’m lacking.

Another thing which also just crossed my mind was how I used to ALWAYS dream of getting a slim and toned body, but never made the effort to exercise. Exercising (daily) and eating healthy (or dieting) were the two main ways I wanted to achieve the ideal body, and partly because I’ve always envied women in transformation pictures on Instagram, or even fitness people like Kayla Itsines. But then I look at myself, and think, why am I not on a treadmill sweating my ass off and sticking to strict diet meals? Well, it’s clearly because I’ve never made the effort to do so.

But at the start of this year, and through the 30 day fitness app (which I don’t even know is legit but has been useful), I somehow attempted to motivate myself to getting my exercise routine on. And to have seen progress, and feel more capable in handling strenuous workout exercises was really awesome for a change, and made me feel more confident exercising overall. Unfortunately, I didn’t maintain this active lifestyle because I had uni again, which has caused me to be busy with that since (and I know this is the poorest excuse ever). Nonetheless, my fitness goal is still a goal I want to achieve in the long-run, and I’m not giving up!

Hence, what I want to say is this: the beginning to achieving may start with brainstorming on how you want to prepare yourself, or waiting for that light bulb moment to click. Or maybe all you need is time, a place, a person (to help you), and the direct goal in mind. I also think for anything, you have to have the positive and right mindset, because if you don’t have that positive mindset, then it most likely means you’re still dwelling on the past and thinking what you could have done to change that. But the only way to move forward is to learn from the past, and to think in the future.

Remember that it’s all about turning those: can’t(s) into can’s, C’s into A’s, P’s into HD’s, no’s into yes’, negative vibes/thoughts into positive ones, and more!

Finally, best of luck for anyone who is willing to look ahead, and not backwards. xx

– itsjacey

[Photo credit: Quentin Leclercq]


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