Why Your Clothing Size Shouldn’t Matter

Growing up, I found it quite hard to accept the constant change in my clothing size(s). Sometimes I would go into a shop, and I would either be changing into Size 10’s, or 12’s. And for a 20-year-old Asian/Chinese, it isn’t actually considered normal to be curvy, or one to be wearing larger clothing sizes – in fact, you’d be shamed, instead of being accepted by family for wearing and fitting into bigger sizes that fit you.

But is it just me, my chubby stomach, and thick thighs to blame? Or is it just because different clothing brands have inconsistent sizing? It’s safe to say that it’s definitely the latter, and how different stores have relatively large discrepancy in clothing sizes. For example (with Cotton On), I’m able to wear size small shirts and dresses, but then at Dotti, I’m only able to fit into Size 10 and 12 tops and dresses (as I don’t do slim fits, nor are my arms slim). But what then of pants and shorts? Size 10 and 12 is the answer, or maybe a size up (e.g. for jeans).

BUT, at the end of the day, we all have to accept three things:

1. Different stores will have different measurements, hence a Size 8 (S) at one store might actually be a Size 10 (M) in another.
2. We all have beautiful body shapes regardless of what size each one of us wears.
3. Clothing sizes are just a number, not a label.

The reason why I’m saying this is because I’ve become more accepting of the changes my body has been going through, and at present, I’m no longer that slim Chinese girl I was back 7 years ago. I’m a grown woman with boobs, a perky bum, wide hips, some belly fat (which I need to work on to slim down), and chunky arms and thighs. I’ve had to accept that my family will make comments on how chubby I look, and the need for me to control my food consumption – but guess what? I’m proud to be curvy, especially for someone who’s Chinese, and doesn’t have a slim body like every other Chinese person. I’m also accepting the fact that Size 10’s and 12’s are just numbers used to represent clothing sizes, and if I fit into clothing of those two numbers, then what am I worrying about? At least the store has clothing of my size and style right?

Some people can still stay fit, exercise like crazy, sweat for days, but see no sign of change in clothing sizes, and that is A-OK. It’s always important to remember that you should feel comfortable in your own skin, and in clothing which makes YOU feel good, not what size you don’t want to wear because you’ll feel embarrassed. No one is going to take a sneak peak at your size tag, or be like, WOW, you’re a Size 16? And if they do, you deserve to shut them down and tell them to mind their own business.

Don’t ever feel like you’re too skinny for a Size 6, or too fat for a Size 14. Don’t ever feel like you need to shame yourself for over-eating and still look more plump than you want to be, or over-eating but not able to gain any fat. Also, don’t ever feel like you have no self-confidence because you don’t have the perfect body, and can’t fit into Size 6/8 clothing.

What matters is you, and the clothing you love to wear! Not the size label. Plus, I would rather feel more confident in a Size 10 shirt as opposed to a Size 8 shirt which would hug my arms and belly area!

– itsjacey

[Photo credit: Hannah Morgan]


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