In the Midst of Fixing WordPress Issues

Hi everyone! So having been active on WordPress again for the last two weeks or so, I just wanted to fully note that I have also been actively commenting on some of your posts. 

A few to name are: dchae, juliacamarablog, lucymorter, myjadedlife, and life of a 20something. (If you see your name here then I just want to say that I find every one of your blog posts uplifting and intriguing!)

Now, the reason why I comment on blogs is not only to engage with you as a reader, but also as someone who finds the posts very relevant to my life as well. 

However, I’ve only come to realise that all my comments disappear when I refresh the page, and this is regardless of whether I comment on the app, Google Chrome or the desktop version. Not only has it also been really frustrating for me as I’ve put a lot of effort into the comments, but it’s also something I’m now trying to fix immediately through Akismet.

You could say I’m pretty much a victim of what Akismet thinks of as a spammer, which I am NOT. Also, anyone who has read my posts should know that I only write genuine blog posts, and yes, I’m a real person. 

It has also been brought to my attention (through forum support pages) that some bloggers are also not receiving comments, so it might be a good idea to go to your WordPress dashboard, and check for authentic comment treads left in the spam/comment section which you need to approve. (By the way, if you’re not receiving comments strangely enough, it might also be because you haven’t ticked the “allow comments” section which you need to do when editing the blog post.)

Once again, I’m so sorry if you feel like “why does this girl never comment but just likes my posts” because the truth is I do comment, and your interesting writing persona is the reason why I follow you.

I felt really compelled to share this disappointing and frustrating news because I believe I am also not alone in this categorisation on “blocking stammers from commenting.” *sigh* now waiting on Akismet to get back to me and remove me from the spammer section if that’s what they’ve done.

Another thing I have also noticed, is that followers who: (1) I follow, (2) then follow me back, (3) but change their domain name/URL, are also considered to be inactive followers on my dashboard. And this occurs when I go to the followers section on the app/desktop, to click on the followers profile, only to be left with “[insert old blog name] is no longer available – the authors have deleted this site”. 

The reason why I wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention is so that no one loses any followers in the future, or begin pondering why they’ve lost followers. I also want to mention that because of this, it’s been really hard (on my part) to see if people are even following me anymore. 

Additionally, I now have multiple inactive/deleted accounts showing up due to people changing their blog names (which I want to say is perfectly fine), but just be aware and cautious because the following section on your WordPress, including the following section of the people you follow, will also alter. So if you’re reading this, and have recently just changed your blog name, then I hope this has provided some helpful insight. (P.S. I would really appreciate it if you could follow me back from your new blog account haha.)

– itsjacey


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