Making More Study Space for Students #feelingbliss

Okay, so if you frequent your university’s library to study like me, then you also probably know the struggles of trying to find a study space. (And don’t even start on exam periods because they’re the worst times!)

So let me begin by telling you that today was probably the first time I stepped foot in the library since late February, and little did I know that it got a little make-over.

Going back to Semester 1 2015 (as a freshie), I would often go to the library to study, sometimes even spending 6 hours studying in the same spot… and maybe 2 hours procrastination in between. Anyways, I would either be sitting at the computer areas working on assignments, or at individual desks writing down notes, but don’t worry, I was never that person who left their things unattended, or made themselves feel at home (now that’s another topic I’ll leave for later haha).

Jumping to 2017 now in my third year, and having moved places 2 years ago (so I am now living closer to the university), I no longer study at the library as much as I used to. I think the main reason for this was because I was always too impatient on waiting for tables/desks/spaces to be cleared, hence losing interest in finding a spot.

But back then, I would pray that the library had more tables, chairs, and computers, so that way, I wouldn’t have to be walking a distance of 2km trying to find a mere chair and table to seat myself at. Struggle.was.real.

And then came today, when I finally convinced myself to be productive for once and study at the library instead. So after my tutorial, I walked into the library’s quiet study area, when lo and behold, to my amazement, what used to be rows and sections of tall bulky bookcases in front of me, was now a large quiet study area half-filled with students, but more importantly, with more tables and chairs (THE JOYS), oh and comfy couches!

Hmmm I think taking the university’s lengthy library surveys must’ve paid off, and as of today, I’m considering on going to the library more often to really utilise the facilities! Yay!

Only thing the library now needs more of are charging stations, because unfortunately, my devices have crappy battery lives and some things just can’t be helped. Perhaps they should also put a ban on people hogging study spaces by leaving their items on it to take a trip across the Sahara desert! 

To finish my rant, I think those students who occupy desks but don’t use them are the main culprits of why the library needed more study spaces. However, it’s safe to say I am more than impressed with how my university has managed to make room for quiet studying spaces 🙂

Happy studying y’all ✌

– itsjacey


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