25 things people do that you probably hate

So let me start off by asking you: don’t you just hate it when someone…

  1. Talks over you.
  2. Says “so?” or, “yeah what about it?”, when you tell them something.
  3. Takes dodgy photos of you, and at weird angles as well.
  4. Doesn’t reply to your messages when they seem to appear online 24/7.
  5. Texts you back two days, or even weeks later, because they were apparently “busy”.
  6. Doesn’t RSVP to your invite by the due date, and decides to rock up anyways.
  7. Rolls their eyes at you.
  8. Cancels plans last-minute.
  9. Always hangs up on you before the call finishes.
  10. Grabs your friend from you.
  11. Thinks it’s okay to poke fun at your insecurities.
  12. Considers/generalises all mental illnesses/disorders to be really ordinary things, when they’re actually not.
  13. Makes gross sex jokes.
  14. Is so nosy they can’t mind their own business, let alone stay away from others.
  15. Judges the way you dress from head to toe.
  16. Is so full of themselves that they enjoy boasting/bragging about their degree, job, academics, looks, career, or even future prospects.
  17. Always gossips about others, or even about you behind your back.
  18. Is rude and judgemental.
  19. Makes sick inconsiderate jokes such as “I have cancer”, or “he looks autistic”.
  20. Doesn’t like your photo.
  21. Always has an opinion on everything, and everyone.
  22. Feels as though they can make themselves at home when there are rules to abide by.
  23. Uses your phone, or touches your possessions without your permission.
  24. Texts or calls someone when they’re driving.
  25. Claims that the things you like are weird, and then goes on to reccomend stuff that you are clearly, and utterly not interested in.

So, you may or not know someone who fits into one of these categories but man do I hate it! Sometimes we just want to put them in their place, or confront them about things they’ve done that have bothered you, but are unable to. However, if this relates to you one way or another, then comment below of a time when one of these things have applied to you as I’d love to hear it!

– itsjacey


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