Here’s a Cup of Tea on My Social Media Dilemmas and Pet Peeves

In a time where social media is all the craze, I’ve realised like many other people that it can also be something quite toxic; mentally and socially. I use this term strongly because some things on social media really drive me up the wall no matter how big or small they are, some regarding the number of likes I get, or who likes my photos/posts, who follows or unfollows me, vice versa. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (just a few to name) are all places we can freely share our thoughts, opinions, personal life, and photos. However, I’m beginning to think I might be getting a bit extreme by unfollowing people just because they don’t like my photos/post anything anymore, or removing friends here and there because they’re people who I no longer talk to or associate myself with.

But is this wrong? Some people may say yes, but I say no. To begin with, I only have around 80 followers on my private Instagram account, and just under 220 friends on Facebook. On Instagram, all my followers are mostly my friends on Facebook, however, I average around 45 likes on Instagram, and roughly 90 on Facebook when I post a new profile picture. So as you can see, I don’t have many followers/friends on social media, and there are reasons for this. This being having removed as many followers/friends as possible considering we no longer talk or see each other, and being the silly person I am, unfriending/unfollowing those who never seem to like my posts/photos.

So initially, this was meant to be a full blog post on this topic but I have now broken down the sections to two as they were too long (oops!): Facebook Edition and an Instagram Edition.

So this brings me to the end of a short beginning of my rant on my social media dilemmas and pet peeves everyone. And if this might relate to you, then welcome aboard the train of obnoxious like-minded humans haha!

– itsjacey


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