Facebook [My Social Media Dilemmas and Pet Peeves]

Facebook: To be friends, or not to be? I hope I’m not alone on this one, but I’ve grown up and have probably unfriended more people than I should have. But let’s start with this – in the past (we’re talking about finishing high school in 2014), I was friends with so many people from school/outside of school who were mutual friends with a friend, and have briefly just met. In other cases, they were also people I had seen once or twice in person/a far but never actually spoke to, and the number of friends I was accepting/adding really built up over the course of my middle school and high school years. 

However, recently removing those people I had never really gotten to know on Facebook was honestly the best thing I ever did; for one, it felt like I had no strings attached to my past. 

Moreover, I don’t even know how having 650 friends on Facebook two years ago benefited me! (And I still can’t believe that there was actually one time in my life where I thought I needed more friends to reflect my dream of becoming more popular in school).

Anyways, I tend to share a lot of photos every now and then with (close) family and friends, but I never thought it was relevant or worth still sharing with those whom never seemed to take an interest in my life, or seemed interested in theirs. But then the dilemma kicks in when deciding to unfriend someone: BUT WHAT IF I SEE THEM AGAIN? Hey, so what if you see them again? Okay, maybe you should care a little, like… if you go to the same university or live in the same town, but it’s also okay to just take the risk of removing that person from your social media life. Who knows? What if they never go on Facebook, what if they’re too busy to even care you’ve unfriended them, what if they’re also friends with someone who you hate, hence could potentially be spilling the beans on your personal life that you didn’t want them to know about, what if they were those popular kids who you only spoke to once, what if they’re your old colleagues that you never speak to/see anymore? 

But for me, and ever since moving interstate for university, I decided to pretty much brush up my whole friend list considering those whom I was friends with in high school no longer message me, like my things, or have also moved elsewhere. So frankly speaking, what are the prospects and chances I’ll invite “those” people to my 21st, let alone my future wedding? ZILCH.

But not to mention, most of the people I cleared from my friends list also happened to be the ones that always liked my posts and photos, but have only had brief encounters with, so you kinda think to yourself, do I choose between more likes, or less friends? (I’ve always chosen the latter by the way). 

So all of this might sound a bit dramatic, but it’s not all that it seems. I know heaps of people who don’t need numbers and figures to boost their egos, friends who couldn’t care less about how many likes they got, or who still keeps in contact with them, and people who don’t want to clear their friend list just because, and honestly, I think that’s great social media isn’t consuming their minds and souls.

The should I, or should I not tag this person in a meme/post? So funnily enough, I have various groups of people I tend to tag on Facebook, and this goes from:
1. My boyfriend,
2. My high school friends, whom I’m still good friends with,
3. University friends,
4. High school friends who I’m not that close with anymore.

Now, excluding my boyfriend (just because we can tag each other in anything regardless of how we feel), I’m noticing quite a trend going on with how my friends aren’t liking my mentions as often as they used to, or now commenting more on my mentions but not liking them. This might not be too difficult to understand if you’re a millennial addict to tags and stuff, but I am finding it difficult more often than not when deciding to tag someone in something or not due to those factors. If I find something interesting that may be relevant to one of my friends, sometimes I have to think about how close we are exactly for me to proceed with the mention, or will they just look at it and not like it, or am I tagging them in too many things which they might not like? 

I don’t know, and this all seems a bit silly and confusing really, but once again, just one of my dilemmas. Also, I would like to stay away from those awkward situations where I’m tagging the wrong person in the wrong thing, and then later realising that they’ve already liked the mention! #AWKIES

– itsjacey


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