Spending Money is a Choice, Not a Luxury

Nothing annoys me more when I hear friends say to me, “wow, you must be really rich if you eat out often”, or, “you must have a lot of money to buy a laptop!” Let’s be real, as if they would know the exact figure in my bank account/savings? Perhaps they could’ve let me explain to them that the brand new $300 laptop was one which I desperately needed for uni, and not just some spontaneous “I just want a new laptop” idea.

I find that quite often, we have people around us who are quick to judge, or assume, we’ve got a lot of money stashed around that can be used to expend on anything. I wholeheartedly disagree with this presumption in many ways. One simply cannot be living a luxurious and wealthy lifestyle if they’re still going to uni, working their arses off, paying back debts, and most of all, continuously deciding on whether to spend money on certain things or not.

I’m not sure where my friends got the idea that I’m supposedly rich just because I eat out more often than they do, because that is completely untrue. For the last few years (ever since moving away for university and living alone), I have always had to plan out how to spend my money in advance, live on a budget, as well make compromises and sacrifices. Just because I eat out often doesn’t mean I’m rich; I eat out because I have to survive one way or another, or sometimes I can’t be bothered to cook, or other times I like to be adventurous and explore the food scene. There is nothing wrong with that, and the way I use my money comes from my own decision-making. This applies to all my other expenditure, and this is no way a luxurious lifestyle.

I believe you work hard for what you get/pay for. Unless you’re some super rich person who doesn’t need to think twice about spending money, then this probably won’t apply to you.

But anyways, I don’t want people to think that you, or me, are living luxurious lifestyles simply because we have sufficient funds to buy things. I know people who have worked hard to save up for the entire year just to travel, or people who have enough savings to buy a concert ticket, and families who have worked tirelessly to save up for 20 years just to buy their dream car. In each of these examples, I really don’t believe that the luxury tags apply to them simply because they’ve decided to go to Paris and stay at some 5-star hotel, or they’ve purchased a VIP/front-row ticket to see their favourite artist perform, and/or lastly, they’ve invested their savings towards buying a brand-new BMW car.

There is always a risk in spending money – that is, you’re always going to gain something, and lose something (money). But in no way is having money which is then spent on something a luxury. In the contexts I’ve provided, there has been a heck lot of decision-making, planning, and then working to save up, regardless if the money is to spend on a large one-time transaction, or for many smaller transactions (e.g. new car example vs. eating out every few days).

Remember this, just because you decide to spend your money on something that your friend doesn’t have sufficient funds for, or doesn’t want to buy because they’re saving up for something else, doesn’t make you any more of a superior and wealthy being. Their choice is not to buy it, while the choice you’ve made is different, and they should just accept that. You’re not richer, or living a more luxurious lifestyle than they are; you’ve just simply made the decision to forgo some money and make a purchase on something you’ve wanted, or needed. And that’s all there is to it folks, so I don’t wish people to quickly judge someone’s wealth based on their expenditure, because you truly do not know how little they have, yet they’re still able to make sustainable choices and enjoy life with the money they have.

If this topic applies to you, then I hope you’ve had a great time reading this post and perhaps got something out of it. Also, let me know your thoughts as I’d love to hear about them!

– itsjacey


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