The Pain of Losing My Chinese Identity in a Western World

Welcome to my very first blog  🙂

Today marks the first official day I started blogging and I’ve never been happier! Today, I’d like to share with you the meaning behind everyone’s identity as a Chinese person.

First and foremost, if you are Chinese, you will most likely know that life doesn’t come easy! Your parents, grandparents and ancestors were not born with silver spoons in their mouths, but if you were, then you must be one of the rare and lucky ones!

Being a Chinese person is so much more than just a name society derives for you, it is an identity, one that remains with you from birth till death. Although you’re part of a large ethnic Chinese group, never forget the inner roots of your ancestry (like I myself am Hakka Chinese).

Now, being born in a Western country but brought up with traditional Chinese values and traditions, I am able to see the cultural differences which set me apart from other members of society, and recognise the damage the passing of time has impacted on our knowledge and identities.

Although I don’t show it in person to my family and friends, I actually have growing concerns for not being able to maintain my identity in the long-term aspect. I’m increasingly losing the flow when speaking in my mother tongue (Hakka), already forgetting words here and there, and living apart from my family makes it even harder for me. My biggest fear is that one day, my children will not know how to speak in my mother tongue, I will slowly forget about the customs and traditions which I learnt to embrace while growing up, Western culture will make me even more westernised, and I will be surrounded with friends who no longer wish to know about their Chinese roots.

I’m only 19 approaching 20, but everything in that last paragraph is true, it’s happening, and I’m well and truly scared.

I’m that Chinese Australian girl, and this is my story.


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